How to dye a bamboo backed bow

It looks like you don't have to much reading today. You can just watch these two videos. I show a variety of different ways to dye the back of your bamboo backed bows. One of the ways is to use a mouth atomizer. I struggled with that one a little bit. James Parker told me if I crimp the top of the siphoning tube, that would help.

This first videos shows how to prepare the bamboo for dying, what dyes to use, and how to make an applicator.

4:15 shows how to do an ordinary no frills dye job..

8:15 shows how to jazz it up by creating fades between the nodes.

15:45 shows how to blend colors on the bow.

22:20 shows how to do a fiddle back dye job (my personal favorite).

31:13 shows how to use the mouth atomizer.

40:00 explains some other ideas but doesn't demonstrate them.

Part 1:

Next is part 2.

0:00 shows how to do a kind of camo design (I don't know what to call it).

11:30 shows how to do a sunburst stain, kind of like you see on some electric guitars.

Part 2

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