Making an English Longbow

By Sam Harper

Protecting the backing joint

To prevent an unhappy Sam, I wrapped the handle area in fishing line so as to cover the joint. According to what I had read, you should use braided fishing line, and that's what I did. Why it should be braided, I don't know, but I went with it.

With my eyeball as my guide
An inch and a half on either side
Some fishing line I never tied
Was wrapped and hidden deep inside

I'll work on my poetry. Here's the steps I took to wrap it without tying it.

Step 1: Make a loop on the back of the bow.

Step 2: Wrap the line around a few times. Once there's enough to hold the bottom of the loop, you can begin to turn the bow with one hand and hold the string with the other hand . That way, you don't have to wrap the line around. It's easier to turn the bow. Keep it tight and close together. Once you have most of the line wrapped, tugg on the loop a little to tighten it on the other end.

Step 3: Cut the line from the spool, and stick the end of it through the loop. Then pull the string hanging out the other end so that the loop tightens around the line you just stuck through the loop.

Step 4: Continue to pull the bottom string so that the loop goes under the wrap. Do not pull it all the way through, because that will cause everything to unravel. I just pull it about half way through.

Step 5: Cut off the loose ends and voila!

The next step was to cover it in epoxy. Don't use that 2 minute or 5 minute or whatever epoxy. It dries too fast. I used some stuff that's supposed to take more like two hours to dry, but I don't remember. That way, I have more time to work. I used a piece of scrap wood to apply it. A popsicle stick would work just as well.

Now the only thing is to protect it from the cats until it dries. I put it where they can't destroy it. I know it's not the prettiest thing in the world, but don't you worry. I'm going to put a handle wrap on the bow when I'm finished, so you won't even see what lies beneath.

I thought I was going to be able to start tillering today, but I don't know what I was thinking. I want to let this dry over night first.

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