Bow building links

General bow building web pages

John Scifres John used to have a lot of build alongs on a web page that no longer exists, and I learned more about tillering from him than anyone else. But he's still got some stuff on this new web page, including a thing on tillering. A lot of stuff from his old web page can still be found on the wayback machine. It's definitely worth checking out. John also has a YouTube channel with a pretty detailed Osage recurve build along and some other stuff. By the way, John Scifres is the guy who made the Katniss Everdeen bows for The Hunger Games.

George Tsoukalas More good information from a very helpful gentleman. He's a regular on the leatherwall discussion forum. He's got some good articles on building board bows. He's also got a variety of other build alongs, including arrows.

Trad Gang's 'How To" section There's a wealth of tutorials on this page for how to do all kinds of things. Also check out their Build Alongs section.

The Ferret This is the old web page of Mickey Lotz where he had a lot of cool tutorials. There's not much left because not everything got archived, but I decided to put this here anyway because I go looking for it every now and then hoping that the lost information will magically reappear.

Horseapple This is the old web page of J.D. Jones who had a cool static recurve build along and a tutorial on doing a fiddle back stain on the back of a bamboo bow (which I try to relicate on this video). Like "The Ferret," this one is also missing a lot of stuff, but I hope it will magically reappear. He used to also have a page called Genesis Selfbows, and there are still some pictures of his bows on there.

Bow building discussion forums

The Leatherwall This is the one I use most often.

Trad Gang. A variety of boards. I mostly use the "bowyer's bench" forum.

Paleoplanet. Wide variety of topics discussed here.

Archery Talk. I don't use this one, but there it is anyway.

Pirates of Archery

Primitive Archer

Build alongs I think are super cool

V-Archery build along This is a very detailed build along for a beautiful fiberglass laminated longbow.

Lothlorien apoxie sculpt. I had to use the wayback machine to find this, but this is Justin from G.I. Bow showing how he puts the leaf designs on his super cool Legolas bow replicas. This tutorial is complete with Enya music from one of the movies to get you in the mood. I made one of these myself.

Asiatic horn bow

Take down recurve

Another take down recurve

Making a recurve form

Two piece take down fiberglass sleeve I've actually done one of these, and they work very well.

Another two piece take down fiberglass sleeve (more detail/YouTube video): Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10. I think the way this guy grooves out his handle before applying the fiberglass/epoxy works better, although it's a little more labor intensive.

Steve Moore's ERC ELB This one is incomplete, but I learned a cool method for roughing out character bows--using the circle stencil.

Hera's extraordinary take down recurve build along. The extraordinary thing about this build along is that it's all done with hand tools, and it's done very well. It is a marvel to behold.

Home Depot Garden Stake Bamboo Arrow Build-along by Tenbrook, aka Cody Dumont of Tenbrook Archery.

Knife build alongs

Stan Wilson's knife Do you want to see one of the best knife makers in the world make a knife? Then click here.

Ryan Minchew's knife This is another really cool build along by a superb knife maker.

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