I've gotten a lot of help from a lot of people since I started making bows, and I just wanted to say thanks to some of them.

George Tsoukalas

I had been looking at those red oak boards at Home Depot for a number of years wondering if I could make a bow out of them. Then I stumbled on George's (Jawge's) page and learned that I could make a bow out of red oak. My first ten or so bows were all red oak. George has been a lot of help since then, too. He hangs out on the leatherwall, and he's always been willing to answer questions, give advice, and even to give encouragement. Thanks, George!

Paul Kloster

I owe a huge thanks to Paul (Norseman). I met him on the leatherwall and even had the priviledge of meeting him in person when he came to Texas. Paul taught me the drywall tape backing method I used in my red oak board bow build-along. He also got me into bamboo bows. He both encouraged me and educated me. Paul is very generous with his time and resources. In fact, he gave me the camera I use to take all the pictures on this web page. This web page wouldn't be here if not for Paul. Thanks, Paul!

Sam Loper

I also met Sam on the leatherwall. Since he lives in the same town, we got to be good friends. In fact, Sam is one of the best friends I've had. He has taken many trips to the Hardwood barn with me. He lets me use his tools, and he lets me keep my band saw at his house since I don't have room for it at my apartment. He has greatly inspired me with his own artistic way of making bows, and he's been very generous. One time I opened my door and found two hickory staves he had just left there for me. I wish I could be more like Sam, to tell you the truth. I just think he walks on water. Thanks, Sam.

John Scifres

I don't know John, but I've spent a lot of time on his web page looking at his build-alongs. He has several of them, and he always goes through his whole thought process when tillering. I found that very useful, and that's why I linked to his page on my page of links. Thanks, John.


I don't know Cambo's real name. I met him on the leatherwall, too. Cambo has taught me many tricks that have enhanced my bow-making lifestyle. Probably the biggest contribution is when he taught me how to make a lam-grinder out of a belt sander. I would be severely limited if I had not picked up that trick. I certainly wouldn't be making fiberglass laminated longbows. Thanks, Cambo!

There are many others, but I can't think of them off the top of my head. I don't mingle on leatherwall as much as I used to, but a lot of people on there have helped me.

I also want to thank all the people who have said such nice things about me since I started this web page. I started this web page because I wanted to provide the sort of stuff I wish I could've had when I started. That's why I have the idiot-proof red oak board bow build-along. That seems to be the most popular one. I don't have my email address on my page because I'm afraid that's a good way to get a lot of junk mail. I do, however, see message boards where people have posted links to my page. I very much appreciate the positive feedback I've gotten from those. It's encouraging. Thanks, everybody.

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